• Yas Hospital - Woman General Hospital

Yas Hospital - Woman General Hospital

Yas Hospital - Woman General Hospital

About Hospital

Yas Hospital was Constructed with the goal of Supporting the patients and development of health care objectives in the field of female disease. The decision was made to dedicate this hospital to treatment of women however at the moment the purpose is to service male patients beside female patients.
Yas hospital was constructed in December 2014 and has 10 levels, 14 wards and 212 beds for hospitalization

Special characteristics & services

MEDICAL SERVICES THAT ARE OFFERDE IN THIS CENTER INCLUDE: Emergency, LDR, Cesarean and high risk pregnancy, Pregnancy care, Oncology, Women cosmetic surgery ward, Infertility, Genetic, Pathology, Laboratory, Endoscopy, Imaging, NICU, Cardiac ward, Radiotherapy, Radiology and so on.

IVF WARD The activities of this ward include: checking infertile couples and treating them: IO (ovulation), IUI, IVF, ICSI, PESA (getting sperm from the testicles), TESE, and …. , egg, sperm and fetus freezing, Infertility- related surgeries (Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, …) and Hydrosonography


Tehran, Iran