• Ahvaz Apadan hospital

Ahvaz Apadan hospital

Ahvaz Apadan hospital

About Hospital

Apadana hospital has been established in 1974 by group of best of experienced and committed doctors.it has width about 1.000mt including multiple wards,two complex operation rooms for different surgeries ,

Also ,APADNA has subspeciality clinics including Anesthesia , intensive care before and after the ICU,advanced digital imaging,Endoscopy,Colonscopy ,Obstetric,Urology,Diet, Diabetic,Cancer,ENT,Stroboscopy and paraclinical such as Angiography , 24/7 Laboratory and 24/7 Pharmacy , Echocardiography , Audiometry .imaging center , lasik center ,and ERCP.It should be mentioned apadana imaging center is referred as the most advanced imaging center in south western area of the country ,and able to cover all imaging protocols such as MRI,CT SCAN ,Mammography without pain,sonography , digital radiography and OPG , and support the patients over the 100 kg weight .

Special characteristics & services

This center has been received the first garde national accreditation ,the IPD accreditation from department of health and human services , also getting the most recent standers and having facilities for the patients of other countries , currently facilitate and help all the overboard patients ( INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS ) from the entree ( reception ) to the discharge point

APADANA hospital by utilizing expert ,obligor staff and specially the specialist and subspecialist doctors by high potential knowledge are able to do the following surgeries such:

1.Cancer surgery ( digestive system , breast, otolaryngology,organs , brain . kidney.liver ,pharynx , larynx and reconstruction and oncoplasty)

2.Eye surgeries such as corneal transplantation , lasik (glaucoma surgery)

3.ENT surgeries such as cochlear implant .

4.Orthopedic surgery(Arthroscopy , knee replacement)


Ahvaz , Iran