Draft Ardebil Declaration

The Second  ECO Confobition on Health Tourism


Draft Ardebil Declaration


Ardebil , Ardebil Province  , Islamic Republic  Iran,


 June 20, 2019



We, the Delegations of the Member States of the Economic Cooperation Organization participating in the “Second  ECO Confobition (Conference + Exhibition) on health Tourism”, held on 18-20 June , 2019, in Ardebil, Islamic Republic of Iran



Emphasizing the importance of Article 2(e) and 2(n) of the Treaty of Izmir and the relevant provisions of the ECO Vision 2015 to develop the ECO Region as a tourism destination;


Recalling the Declaration of 1st ECO Confobition (Conference + Exhibition) on health Tourism” held in August 2014 in Ramsar, I.R Iran  ;


Recollecting the decision of the 29th  Meeting of the Regional Planning Council to convene this Confobition;



Acknowledging the importance of the tourism industry for closer understanding among our people, for improved quality of life, peace and prosperity in the Region, and for the socio-economic growth of the ECO Member States;


Considering the vast potential of the ECO Region in the field of tourism, especially health tourism and its ability to increase the Region’s share in global tourism;


Being fully aware that the Health/Medical  Tourism is a unique area in which the member states have vast potentials and can further develop the intra-ECO interactions by utilizing the potentials of this field .


Appreciating the value of quality tourism and mindful of the importance of improving the efficiency and competitiveness of the tourism services in the ECO Region;


Recognizing the objective of the Economic Cooperation Organization to promote sustainable economic development through cooperation of the Member States in the field of tourism, among others to attain well-being and prosperity of its people;


Mindful of the imperative of expansion of knowledge and expertise among health tourism experts and operators in the ECO Member States for enhanced health tourism capacities and opportunities in the Region;


Stressing the commercial nature of health tourism as a promising field of economic activities;


Being aware of job creation potential of health tourism and its role in sustainable development of the societies;


Expressing support and appreciation for the contribution of the ECO Secretariat and ECO Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECO-CCI) to the development of the ECO health tourism market as well as expansion of health tourism initiatives among the ECO Member States;


Emphasizing the important role of the private sector in tourism industry and the need to encourage it to engage more deeply in the development of health tourism and investment in relevant services;


Also emphasizing the urgency of investment and financial support to the development of health tourism industry by the public and the private sectors;


Reassuring public-private partnership in health tourism marketing and cooperation with tourism organizations within the ECO Region and beyond;


  1. Call upon the ECO Member States to expand regional cooperation on health tourism through developing necessary mechanisms, including wellness & SPAs destinations and clusters.
  2. and Highlight the need for paying due attention to  the “Hotels bridging healthcare,” or H2H: a new international healthcare approach & design
  • Invite the Member States to develop national policies and strategies on Successful patterns or benchmarking in wellness tourism
    cluster Development
  1. Encourage the Member States to support regional health tourism cooperation by collaboration in investing in spas resorts & Health and Well-Being
  2. Emphasize the need for international Accreditation & service quality in health tourism  , taking note of the deliberations of the Workshop for Medical Tourism actors (WFMTA)
  3. Support the need for Health Tourism Marketing & Branding in promoting health tourism.
  • Inspire adoption and application of an ECO healthcare brand.
  • Taking into consideration the impacts of Smartphone apps in health tourism business as a reality in today’s world, emphasize the importance of such a practice in contribution to the regional health tourism.
  1. Stress the need for creating a marketing strategic-operational plan for health tourism destinations & providers and invite the Member States to contribute to this cause through consultations and coordination with the ECO Secretariat.
  2. Taking note of the outcomes of the Workshop for Medical Tourism actors (WFMTA), call for adoption of  joint health tourism marketing & branding initiatives among the Member States.   
  3. Call upon the member states to attach due significance to Health Tourism startups & facilitators development & IT and develop national and regional schemes in this area for Filling the gaps in the medical tourism value chain and Solving the illegal intermediaries issue .
  • Taking note of successful experience of the “First and Second ECO Exhibitions on Health Tourism” encourage organizing such health tourism related promotional activities on the sidelines of ECO health and tourism related meetings.
  • Request the tourism and health ministers and officials of the Member States to adopt necessary measures and actions to help develop Cross-Cultural Interaction and health tourism involving concerned sector’s representatives in the policy making.
  • Encourages the Member States to come to a common understanding of The realities of region’s healthcare & planning to make Cross-Cultural Interaction in order to  develop regional health tourism .
  1. Invite ECO Member States for utilizing the capacities  of Health Tourism as a tool for Promoting Diplomacy.
  • Also invite the member states to have a comprehensive review of International & ECO countries health regulations & laws in order for their improvement and purgation in line with the intra-ECO health tourism development .
  • Takes note of the outcomes of the Workshop for Medical Tourism actors (WFMTA) and encourages the member states to adopt sustainable tourism development & planning from theory to practice
  • Stress the necessity of putting into action the outcomes of tourism NGOs & Agencies meeting
  • Encourages the implementation of recommendations of Health tourism start-ups meeting & Workshop
  1. Highly recommends following up the negotiations conducted during the B2B Meetings.
  • Express its profound thanks and gratitude to the Government and the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in particular people and authorities of the “Ardebil  Province Governorate and Ardebil City” as well as the  “Ministry of Foreign Affairs”, “Ministry of Health”, “Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization” (ICHTO)”, “Medical Council (IRIMC)”,International Health Services Association of Iran ,  “Ardebil  Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Mines and Agriculture”,  and “Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture” for their warm hospitality and excellent arrangements made for the successful conclusion of the Second  ECO Confobition  on Health Tourism in Ardebil.
  • Appreciate the Member States for their active participation and contribution to the successful outcome of this Confobition.
  • Also appreciate the “ECO Chamber of Commerce” and “ECO Secretariat” for the exemplary efforts devoted for successful outcome of this Confobition.
  • Request the ECO Member States to follow up the implementation of this Declaration and submit their reports to the ECO tourism and health ministerial meetings through ECO Secretariat.


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