Iran is among the top eight destinations in the world at HIPEC

Based on the visiting of HIPEC center in Netherlands and the Cancer center of Catorina, and after further investigation, Iran is currently presented as one of the eight center of world at the HIPEC website.

HIPEC is a kind of treatment in order to remove all cancer cells from the abdominal cavity by combining surgery with heat chemotherapy in the abdominal cavity. The purpose of this treatment is to improve long term survival or sometimes definite cure. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and takes six to seven hours. However, longer procedure may be required.

Dr. Mehrdad Behlouli, director of the HIPEC Surgery Team at the Jam Hospital in Tehran, arranges the first HIPEC team based on the standard treatment. The treatment was standardized two years ago for patients with extensive abdominal cancers with intra-abdominal metastases other than colorectal, ovarian, appendicitis, mesothelioma, and gastric tumors, which had a chance of recovery and prolonged survival.

This treatment was used by Dr. Sugar Baker in the US, Washington, and McStar Hospital in 1990 first time and has used in Iran since two years ago. The surgery takes about 6 hours and all the cancer cells and tumors are discharged from the pelvis to the diaphragm. Then, they are placed under abdominal chemotherapy for 90 minutes at 43 ° C.

Around 100 patients have undergone the procedure so far and their post-operative period is going well.

During a visit to the HIPEC Center in the Netherlands and the Catarina Cancer Center, and after further investigations, at the moment, Iran has presented as one of the eight differential centers in the world at the HIPEC site.

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